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Effective Research Based Treatment that Doesn't Feel Cold

This practice is Client Centered, which means that you are always the expert on your experiences and needs. You'll use therapy much like you're using this website. I'll guide you through the information and process, and you'll tell me what treatment methods work for you and what you want to work on in therapy.

Treatment with Caty
In this practice, the client is always the expert. I aim to work collaboratively with clients as a clinical process guide, not an expert on your "issues" or what you need.
Costs and Insurance
I am currently in network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield, though I am able to bill to other insurance companies. I do use a Sliding Scale. I have to limit the number of appointment slots I have open to Sliding Scale payers (5 at this time.)

50 Minute Assessment Session

Your initial sessions are for evaluation and treatment planning. You will be a part of the diagnostic process, and nothing will be submitted without your consent.


50 Minute Session

This covers Bilateral Stimulation (including EMDR), Mindfulness Based Therapy, and all other treatment we decide is necessary.


60-90 Minute Group Per Person

Group members are charged individually.


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Income Qualifications for Sliding Scale Payments

Payment Amount

** Sliding Scale Payments are Determined by Taxable Income Submitted to the Federal Government and Family Size. This is Based on the 2017 Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Effortless Intake, Scheduling, and Payment
Your energy should be directed towards the work you're doing in therapy, and not towards paperwork and scheduling. Intake, scheduling, and payment  can be done from the comfort of your home, the bus stop, the office, etc. See the process below.

Caty Harris      

Caty Harris    

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Interested In Becoming A Client?
My practice is located at 318 W Adams Street, Suite 1517, Chicago, IL 60606.
You can contact me at tel: 773-554-1346 or email:CatyHarrisLCSW@gmail.com
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