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Affordable Supervision Program

One of the unfortunate issues that many new Social Workers face is a lack of supervision resources, to meet the state of Illinois's Clinical Licensure requirements. We, as Social Workers, have to watch out for those new to the field! My mission is not just to provide quality and affordable services to clients, but also to those who are new to the field. New Social Workers deserve a break!

The Costs & Services
For scheduling and billing purposes, a "year" is actually 60 weeks (instead of 52) and a month is 5 weeks (instead of 4 point whatever for a given month.) It gives everyone on monthly and annual payment plans an extra financial break... everyone needs a break sometimes.

Bi-Weekly Group Supervision

2 Hours x 5 Participants at $25/hr

$50 per 2 hour session (Full Price) $100 per month (20% Discount) $900 per year (40% Discount)

Weekly Group Supervision

1 Hours x 5 Participants at $30/hr

$30 per 1 hour session (Full Price) $120 per month (20% Discount) $1080 per year (40% Discount)

Bi-Weekly Individual Supervision

2 Hours of Individual Supervision at $40/hr

$80 per 2 hour session (Full Price) $160 per month (20% Discount) $1440 per year (40% Discount)

Weekly Individual Supervision

1 Hour of Individual Supervision at $50/hr

$50 per 1 hour session (Full Price) $200 per month (20% Discount) $1800 per year (40% Discount)

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Illness & Such

No sweat! You can see if someone from another group wants to switch, through the online community, or you can schedule a one-on-one appointment. If you're on a monthly or annual payment plan, you'll just owe the extra cost.

Switch Plans

You can always switch at the end of your payment plan. However, if you decide you need more support (aka, a more expensive plan) I can switch you immediately and pro-rate the charges.

Switch Groups

If, for whatever reason, you need to switch groups, just access the online community. You can see which groups aren't full and at what time they meet.

Financial Trouble

It happens to everyone!

I take IOUs. However, we'll have to come up with a payment arrangement. I also can't sign off on Supervision hours if the balance is unpaid.

Current Schedule
This is the current schedule. If you would like to speak about another potential time, I'm more than open to scheduling additional groups or appointments.
* indicates alternating groups or individual sessions


Weekly Group




Weekly Ind
Weekly Ind


Weekly Ind
Weekly Ind


Bi-Weekly Grp*


Bi-Weekly Ind*
Bi-Weekly Grp*
Weekly Group
Effortless Scheduling and Payment
This system is as simple as possible, to cut down on unnecessary paperwork and payment frustrations. All of your hours will be tracked by the system, which you can easily access at any time. You can pay by the session, month or year.
Communication, Documentation, and Info Sharing via Slack
As soon as you sign up and get connected, you'll receive an invitation to our forum. Whether you want to share something with your group, try to find a group switch for your sister's wedding weekend, or link to the payment website, you can do it all from the free Slack App.